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Our technicians are highly skilled at performing a wide range of garage door repair and replacement services. You can find a few examples of our latest work by checking out the recent projects below.

Roller Replacement Near Solemint Area

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Ms. Owen does a lot of coming in and out thanks to her children doing various sports, and grew irritated by her slow-moving garage door.
Our Solution: Our experts first disconnected the garage door opener to safely examine the door. We felt the problem most likely had arisen from a damaged track or an issue with the rollers. Our team discovered the rollers were, in fact, breaking down from such rigorous use. We opened the tracks to remove the broken ones and replace them, before assuring the door moved easily.

Jessie Owen - Solemint
Garage Door Off Track, Honby CA

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Ms. Hall noticed that her garage door had come off of the track in one spot.
Our Solution: After the problem area had been found and the door was clamped into place for safety, our experts opened up the track so that the rollers could be guided back into it. The door was then tested to make certain there were no further problems.

Lucy Hall - Honby
Opener Repair In Honby CA

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The belt drive opener started catching itself partway down its track, making opening the door impossible.
Our Solution: A replacement track for the trolley needed to be installed, as the old one had rusted and deformed to the point where the trolley couldn’t roll along it. Our team gave the trolley rollers some extensive cleaning and maintenance as well before returning the garage door to its tracks and testing the system.

Maria Valentine - Honby
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Canyon Country CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken torsion spring.
Our Solution: Safety is incredibly important when dealing with these components, so we made sure to carefully remove the broken unit before setting up the new spring. We then adjusted its tension to ensure the door remained balanced.

Carly Van Glokta - Canyon Country
Panel Replacement, Garage Door Repair Canyon Country CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Dented door panels.
Our Solution: The major benefit of a sectional garage door is that when it gets damaged, only the panels that were affected need to be replaced. Provided that the door isn't too old, finding new sections from the same manufacturer should be simple enough. This was the case with this customer, and we were able to acquire new panels from the door's original manufacturer and replace the old damaged sections with them.

Manuel Gresham - Mint Canyon
Sensor Alignment, Garage Door Repair Canyon Country CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: A reversing garage door.
Our Solution: The reason for the problem were the opener's photo eyes, which had become misaligned and made the door go back up when the customer tried closing it. We readjusted them back into their correct position, and tested the door afterwards. It was finally able to close without any issues.

Evan Limestone - Canyon Country
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